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    Universal Buffer - Single Input w/ Volume Control

    Hello, Crimp is not my first choice. My first choice is to tin the bare end of the twisted stranded conductor, trim the end then insert into the screw terminal. Always neat and clean with no extra parts to fail. I do the same with set screw banana plugs Bob
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    Universal Buffer - Single Input w/ Volume Control

    I went looking and found that book on my shelf. I will read it tonight. Thanks
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    Universal Buffer - Single Input w/ Volume Control

    Hello Tom and All, Tell us about higher impedance connections being more sensitive to interference, how / why? For application of knowledge. Thanks Bob
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    Understanding Input Sensitivity

    Hello All, More stuff related to sensitivity for more than one input device. Say you have a AM/FM tuner, a CD player, a TV and a Phono Pre-Amp. Most of these devices may have similar output voltages, likely with the exception of the Phono Pre-Amplifier. Phono Pre-Amplifiers are difficult to...
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    Using the HP-22 as a preamp

    Hell All, I have a couple of questions: 1) How do I start a new thread? 2) I have a couple of HP-22 PCB's sitting here without the 1622 EVM attached. Poking around with my Fluke meter these HP-22 PCB's look a lot like a Junior version of the Universal Buffer. I like the idea of using the...