Axpona anyone?


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Are any of you going to Axpona this weekend?

You can find me in the Ear Gear section (booth 8105). It should be a good show. There are live concerts both Friday and Saturday nights.

Friday and Saturday were well attended. Sunday was the deadest of dead. I got to touch base with some friends in the industry and made a few new connections too. Got some new work but not enough to pay for the show fee...

I think we got stiffed on the amount of space allotted. The contract said 8x10 feet and those of us who went with a single booth rather than a double got more like 6.5x10, which made the signage a bit chaotic where I was at. It didn't help that my neighbour had prepared for a 10' wide setup, so they were spilling over quite a bit. That was fine from a space standpoint as I didn't need the space, but it make it seem like we were together, which was unfortunate for me. Oh, well. Lesson learned.

I'm mulling over what to do differently next time. I'm still planning to be at the Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle in September. I could set up a booth in a shared space ... or I could rent a room and have a very nice setup of my own. The advantage of the Seattle show is that I can pretty easily drive there, so bringing enough 'stuff' to stuff a room is realistic.

I also think I'll promote Neurochrome more and TCA less. Neurochrome is where the fun is and it's what I do best, so sticking to that seems like it would bring greater overall happiness. :)

I had a chance to meet Tom at AXPONA this year and it was great to chat about gear and certain parts of the industry. I'm a very happy owner of the HPA-1 and HPA-10 amplifiers.

Meeting the designer behind my favorite amps was very cool and the HPA-1 with a plexiglass top that was on display looked amazing. Tom was the only exhibitor showing detailed measurements for his products from all the rooms/tables I visited. It's one of the reasons why I like the TCA brand so much. The same can't be said about lots of really fancy stuff that was being showcased...

Can't wait to see what comes next from TCA and I'll probably start looking into some of the Neurochrome stuff. It was a pleasure meeting you @tomchr
Tom was the only exhibitor showing detailed measurements for his products from all the rooms/tables I visited.
That's thought-provoking. Thanks for mentioning this. I happened to be set up to a major vendor of fancy audiophile cables. Their advertising claimed that they used certain metals to tune the sound of the cables. George Simon Ohm would be rotating in his grave...

I'm interested in what comes next for TCA as well. I think I'll turn it into a more boutique/bespoke business. Maybe under the Neurochrome banner.