In love with Music and Technology


Hello everybody,
my name is Jürgen (or Juergen for an English keyboard) and I call northern Germany my home. Since my youth I always wanted to be an electronics engineer and I also loved music for it's ability to change or improve my mood or even just to entertain myself. For the electronics I have had an apprenticeship in the German Air Force as technician for RF electronics. Then running through a few years working for companies like Motorola and Vodafone in the field of mobile communication.
I got hungry for new technology input and studied electrical engineering and automation. Which led me to the company I am working for since then. Since ten years I am part of a 60 person R&D Department developing measuring equipment for the cable, tube, hose and plastic industry based on Laser, Radar, X-Ray and any other imaginable things.
For the music I am convinced that it has a major influence on all of us. Some people know that, some don't notice, that it has. It is hard to define a clear taste of music that I love, because my favorite taste has changed over the last 35 years a lot. Even though I don't like to hear some songs from the past anymore, I can still connect memories to them, once I hear a certain song. Which is one of the best things about music.
So if I put these things together, of course I end up in building things for audiophile enjoyment. Building speakers since I was 16 until today was a great experience. With approximately 20 speaker projects completed until today. Then last year, surfing through the web, I stumbled over the Purify Amplifier boards. And immediately I was inflamed to build one of these amps. But I was not happy about the input buffer made by Purifi. After further search I found Tom's Website and his products and my plan could finally be completed. Since October Last year I am planing, soldering, mounting things in order to complete a stereo Amp made of these components:
-Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier Module
-Neurochrome Input Buffer
-Hypex Power Supply
-Neurochrome Soft Start and Power Distribution Board
-Housing like exoskeleton made of Al-Profiles
-Front and Rear Plates CNC routed and engraved
-All Neutrik and Lemo connectors
-Outer shell of housing made of laminated birch plywood
I will post a thread on my project, and maybe you have some tipps and tricks for the build or improvements.

Thank you for reading!
Comments are welcome.

Welcome aboard Jürgen. Thank you for sharing your build pictures of the Lucia amp. Those will be an inspiration to others I'm sure.