Modulus-686 Didn't Disappoint!

Mike Hanson

I few friends and I get together for a weekend away each year. I surprised them the first time by bringing along a real stereo. (They figured I was just bringing some type of Bluetooth speaker.) This past weekend we did the same, and I assembled a rather nice setup:
  • Laptop running LMS and SqueezeLite (with an external 2TB M.2 drive hosting my music library)
  • Benchmark DAC2 HGC as USB DAC and preamp
  • Balanced interconnects
  • Neurochrome Modulus-686
  • Canare Star Quad speaker cable
  • Royd Audio Sintra 2 with homemade stands
  • GoldenEar SuperSub X
The sound was beautiful and detailed, with an extreme sense of grip. Kudos, Tom!

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the setup. :rolleyes:
Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for your help spreading the word about the Modulus-686.